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Sunday, September 23, 2007

SBC Rules V3

I’ve re-written the rules for SBC, they are essentially the same as before, just freshened up a little. I’ve dropped the term “member” because I believe that all sex/adult bloggers who blog (rather than those who create blogs for purely commercial gain) are all part of this site.

Sex Blogger Community Rules


SBC: The Sex Blogger Community Site, its content, its contributors (those who post or simply comment)

Resource: A webpage or website which provides a service to Sex Bloggers; This can be to help promote their webpage, improve their blog in some way or assist in problem solving.

1) The Purpose of SBC

To provide a forum for the advancement of adult blogging across all blog platforms.

2) Administration

Administration will be provided by a nominated moderator/primary administrator and at least one other person. The role of the primary administrator will be the day to day maintenance of the blog, whereas the secondary administrator(s) will to provide backup in cases where the primary admin is temporarily unable to discharge their duties.

Currently (23 September 2007) The Primary administrator is Alex (alex@alexsuze.com) The, secondary administrator is Mr Genly (MisterGently@gmail.com).

3) Non-Commercial Status

SBC is a non-profit entity.

SBC will not host advertisements unless it becomes necessary to host on a service that requires payment. In such an event a treasurer will be appointed and charged with the handling of advertisement fees, payments to third parties and accounting/reporting on these transactions.

4) Suitability of Resources

SBC will not promote resources that carry a high ratio of advertising to content. The Moderators decision on this will be final, but all submissions will be judged on both their merits and their benefits to bloggers. Where appropriate discussion about inclusion of such sites will be held on the SBC site.

5) Linking

A member of SBC may not post a link to their own blog, that of another blogger or to a non blog site unless the link points to information relevant and useful to bloggers and consistent with the aims of the community.

Links back to SBC are welcomed, using the link code on the sidebar of the blog.

6) Contributions

Any blogger may contribute to or comment on SBC. Unless comment spam makes it impossible, comments will be open to all for the foreseeable future.
If you wish to contribute a post contact the primary administrator (See Section 2)

7) Behavioural Standards

SBC is a place for civilised discussion and informed opinion. Anyone posting or commenting on the posts on the SBC site should exercise restraint and good manners. Inflammatory, derogatory or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the perpetrator being prohibited from contributing to SBC in any way in the future.

8) Contributors

As stated previously, anyone can contribute to SBC, but only recent contributors, those who have provided posts within the last two months will appear on the sidebar. After this time they will be removed as contributors to the blog. However should they wish to contribute a post they should contact the primary administrator (see Section 2) and request to be invited to become a member of the blog again.


Blogger Imelda Imelda said...

Hey Alex, just a thought, but do you wanna make a permanent link to these rules on the side bar so new or aspiring contributors can get at them easily? Would make everything nice and clear for everyone (even those with 2 sec ond attention spans like me!)

Mon Sep 24, 07:59:00 pm GMT  

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