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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sex In The Virtual World - Computer Games

Everyone probably already knows about the nude patches for The Sims. You can also pull the bed out from under your Sims with a cheat code if you can convince your horny Sims to get some nooky in bed. I remember reading of some MMORPGs having problems with groups being oriented towards sex play.

Now, someone playing the online game Second Life has filed suit against another player - for copying a sex bed, which violates copyright. According to an article about the case, "Kevin Alderman operates Eros LLC, a maker of 'adult' items such as the SexGen bed, a piece of virtual furniture that allows Second Life users to simulate more than 150 sex acts. The bed retails for 12,000 Linden dollars ($46). The 'John Doe' lawsuit accuses Volkov Catteneo of unlawfully copying the SexGen bed and selling it on for approximately 4,000 Linden dollars. The beds are sold as 'no-copy' objects, which means that avatars can use them but should not be able to copy them. Alderman has insisted that he does not know how a version of the SexGen bed which can be copied became available."

I have heard of Second Life, but I had no interest in playing it. I prefer to play God when I play with my Sims. I set them on fire. Electrocute them. Drown them. Get them into love triangles. Have them live with people they hate. All in all, good, honest fun.

The only reason the Second Life/SexGen bed caught my attention is because your avatar can engage in 150 different sex acts. Wow. 150? That beats the Kama Sutra. I looked at the Second Life site to get a better grip on what kinds of sex acts can be done on this bed. I found one bed that has 14 cuddle and 13 sex animations - whatever that means.

I found more.

One bed going for L$999 (I think that's virtual money) has 62 cuddle and sex animations, including doggy, 69, blowjob, missionary, taste, ride, and cowgirl.

Another bed included various positions for sex, bondage, and cuddling.

I'm going to take a second look at this game, if you can really do all that stuff. Does anyone who is reading play Second Life? If you do, can you give more information about how the SexGen bed works, and what else is fun about the game? Is it a live game, where you get to create an avatar? I know that I'd have to spend my own money if I play Second Life. I read another article about a man who "married" a woman who played the game with him, and his real-life wife is not happy about it. I found the real wife posting on an Internet forum, and that marriage is in serious trouble because her husband spends too much time with his virtual "wife" and ignores his real wife. Everyone hates on online games, don't they?


Anonymous Anastasia said...

Second Life is an interesting concept; it is different from all other games in that it creates a replica of the everyday world. Other games may claim they simulate the real world, but only create a portion of it (Sims). Second Life isn’t just a game that people enter and play; it’s also about networking. It’s raised many ethical questions, but apart from that it actively engages sexual fantasy like no other game has done before. While there are games that are adult oriented, ‘Playboy Mansion’, these games don’t take gaming to the online level, to involve the interaction of millions of people. People are free to form communities, engage in those communities (sexual acts, and so forth), and these activities/fantasies can breach laws. In Second Life there are many adult players who create an ‘underage’ character, for example, and advertise their wares to other players, for age play and so on, earning Linden dollars as they go. It’s interesting. It’s a world where every one has the potential to be a sex worker, without the mess. However, there’s the other side, that’s been written about, and that concerns the rise of pedophilia in Second Life, where the ‘children’ or underage characters may be adults, or they may not be. No one can be certain. So there are many fantasies that proliferate, and gain more life through this medium. People freely engage in fantasies that may be inappropriate in a standard social setting, and while there are various debates (it being fantasy versus the possibility of a user desiring reality at some point), the issue of freedom (of expression, etc) has flared up once again.

Regardless of its promotion as a game, Second Life has become a buzzing sexual realm.

I tried the game, being a PC game player, and I found that it was quite laborious and time consuming, especially if one isn’t script savvy to create objects and things. There are many objects in Second Life, so many fantasies and potentials, but the thing is they’re unreal, and a person uses real time exploring something that isn’t real. As a parent, it’s another game that I have to keep my eye on, to ensure that it isn’t downloaded, not that it will be (“No Life,” my son’s opinion), but it’s yet another thing, like every other thing (technology, etc) that has it’s good and bad (sometimes questionable) content.

My first evening on it was amusing though. There was a guy who had difficulty changing his wardrobe/attire, and roamed around naked in the arrival area. He asked me to help him, that he’d give me ‘sex’ in exchange for my efforts. The funny thing, this other chick stepped in and offered him sex in exchange for a few Linden dollars, and he quickly changed his mind. So I was ‘rejected’ by a virtual geek. I found it funny (for myself, as an observation), but thought it sad from a social perspective. The main question that entered my mind was ‘what sort of people sit there playing this game?’ and honestly? How sad it all is.

It’s one thing to buy a game in a box, upload it into the PC, and unwind, and another thing to navigate through the fantasies of people in sort of real time online, it can be exhausting, not to mention how it pulls a person away from real life relationships.

I returned to the usual set of games, Halo (in all its parts) and battle.net. That way I have my own fun without having to effectively absorb any one elses fantasies (if they don't compliment mine, or are over the top) and be Freud.

Wed Sep 26, 05:56:00 am GMT  

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