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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Think facebook but for people with fetishes....

I don't know about you guys, but I have a lot of difficulty with
current bdsm 'community' websites. I put the word 'community' in
quotations because it feels like everything but. The Bondage and ALT's
of this world just feel like huge companies trying to get as many people and as much
money as possible. I also hated the fact that you can't actually do
anything unless you pay a lot of money. I couldn't deal with the
mentality of the actual site let alone the people who came along with
it looking for a quick lay. Sorry, but I won't travel 10000km across
the world to bow down to a guy I've never met and call him Master, all
for a one night stand, sorry, not going to happen. All I wanted was a
place to keep in touch with my kinky friends.

I use facebook, which I love, but I love it for my vanilla life.
It's great for my work friends, school friends, vanilla friends and
family but for the bdsm world, it just didn't work. Facebook, although
great, wasn't made for kinky perverts like me. I came across a site
(http://fetlife.com) that was able to "satisfy my needs". The creator
(johnbaku) is an actual cool guy, sent a message as soon as i signed
up and made me feel comfortable. This site is an ACTUAL community,
it's like facebook with fetishes... I keep up with my friends, know
what they're up to through the mini feed, look at their pictures they
uploaded, i can even write on their wall. AND it's free!!! (just a
bonus in this poor student's life).

Basically i just wanted to share this site with you because I'm sure
i'm not the only one who had problems finding an actual community for
the bdsm world instead of some mass dating site where I was just a
number in their meat market. Fetlife is an ACTUAL bdsm community where
the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly.


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Blogger Curvaceous Dee said...

I'd like to second this - I've been on FetLife a few weeks now and I really like the atmosphere there. Hooray for all-inclusive kinky communities!

xx Dee

Thu Feb 28, 07:17:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to throw another new site out - it totally kicks ass! KinkySpace.com by ErosArts. It's 100% free and more like MySpace.. but for pervs. It has tons of features and is growing quickly with over 1500 members in the first two weeks being live!

Check out KinkySpace.com!

Mon Oct 27, 10:56:00 pm GMT  

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