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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Video Advice

Hello friends and fellow writers,

My wife and I have been writing and posting pictures on bedroom-closet.com for over three months now. As everyone who writes erotic blogs knows, it's liberating. We love it. We made the decision recently to begin posting some short videos because we believe they'll compliment and enhance our content. We have the equipment and the material. We're having trouble with a host.

PornoTube.com let us create an account and pretends to accept our videos, but they never appear
YouPorn.com also pretends to accept our videos with no result as well. They never appear.

Customer service for both websites does not return email so we're stumped. We'd love to have videos hosted at the above sites but can't get in contact with anyone, and can't find another host that will allow us to post our videos for free and link back to our site.

Any suggestions or assistance anyone can offer us would be greatly appreciated.

- A and S