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Friday, October 13, 2006

People without Blogger Accounts

I'm not sure how people without Blogger account will post, does anyone know this? I want to make this resource available to anyone who wants to join and add to the community with the spirit that is has been set up in.

If we come to the realisation that people without blogger account cannot post, then we can either ask everyone to get a Blogger Account (a Pain I know) or move the Community to an online forum (More passwords for everyone!)

I just want to make sure that this Community is going to work before shelling out money to host a forum.

Mr Gently


Blogger Anastasia said...

I'm pretty easy regarding creating another login/account for other blogs like wordpress, etc. It's just a matter of logging in, and that's it. Not too much trouble to do.

Sat Oct 14, 04:53:00 am GMT  
Blogger Alex said...

I agree with Ana, getting a blogger login isn't a huge task and I would suggest that this is the way to go for the moment.

Should you decide that it would be better on a forum, Suze and i would be more than happy to set up such a forum on our site. It wouldn't cost you a penny :)

Sat Oct 14, 09:53:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ana, Alex,

Thanks for your comments,

We'll leave it as it is for the time being. I was just conscious of not excluding anyone.

Sun Oct 15, 01:39:00 pm GMT  
Blogger ZigZagMan said...

when you post on blogger, you have 3 choices, logged in with blogger, anonymous, or other. "other lets you present your self with a freeform nick, and an optinal link to your webpage/blog, so it's really pretty straight forward as it is...:)

Sun Oct 15, 03:07:00 pm GMT  

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