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Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Only Constant Is Change

Thanks to those of you who commented on the presentation of this blog. Whether this place stays as it is, or becomes a Wiki or Forum your views are valued and received with thanks.
I’d now like to make another suggestion.

Rather than have the sidebar full of people who undoubtedly have an interest in the topics discussed here, I’d like to reduce the members down to those who have been recent contributors to the actual posts on the blog. That is, I am considering revoking membership to those who have not contributed for perhaps a couple of months.

Anyone can comment on the blog, the last thing I want is for it to be member-only, but keeping the actual list of contributors small will tidy up the sidebar a little and provide focus. If anyone wants to be a member, so they can contribute I’d have no problem with re-inviting them of course.

What do y’all think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So long as it's labeled recent contributors, I can't see an issue with reducing it down.

I do think that a reminder to say that someone has not contributed for 3 months (Although I'm not sure how easy this would be on Blogger) and if they don't comment within 4 weeks, they'll be removed.

The other option is to have a separate page for a list of contributors and remove the list from the sidebar all together.

Sun Jul 08, 06:43:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Imelda Imelda said...

I think it depends how each of us expects to use this blog. I asked to be a member because I thought it was a great idea and a way I could ask questions and request help. Therefore, I already knew I would not be a regular contributor. But I wanted the ability to post as opposed to my request for help being lost in a comment. So for me, perhaps a regular contributors roll would be best if we could all retain membership status. But if this is not possible, then I respect the wish to reduce membership.

What about having no contributors on the main page at all as Mr Gently suggests. It's not for this that I joined so I'm happy not to have a link to my profile/blog from this one.

I think it really depends on how we wish this site to be used. I check in regularly but do not contribute unless I can help/ need help. Therefore, I may well go some time without contributing. It depends if we think contributing is really important or if it's just a space as and when we need it?

Mon Jul 09, 08:30:00 am GMT  
Blogger Devilbluedress said...

I'm not sure. I think that "Contributing posts" come up somewhat randomly in different peoples minds and at different times. Rather than base it on a time limit, why not ask people if they still want to be listed as a contributing member? I agree with Imelda that I never planned to contribute often, but like the option to be available.

I check the site whenever there is a new post. I know that occurs from my own dashboard. (Blogrolling doesn't work...)

I also like the set of links just to explore from sometimes. I haven't visited everyone's site, yet I know that we all have something in common.

Tue Jul 10, 06:54:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Tom Paine said...

While I don't disagree with your right to put whomever you want on the sidebar, I find I contributed as the need arose, and lately there hasn't been any need.

Mon Sep 10, 09:37:00 pm GMT  

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