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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Moderation and Word Verification

One of the questions I asked in my own Blog a while ago was how people feel about Comment Moderation and Word Verification.

Regarding Moderation, it obviously can take a while for your post to appear.

On Word Verification, does it make you think twice before posting?


Blogger Alex said...

Word verification is one of those necessary evils of blogging. Comment spam is something that we've all had from time to time. There's nothing worse than coming back to an inbox full of garbage.

I have no problem with word verification ... except when Blogger fouls up, which it does from time to time. I have a great deal of sympathy with bloggers who's sites are incessently targetted by morons trying to sell drugs and fake watches.

Moderation is a different thing. I've never felt the need to use it, but again I know of blogs where they have been the target of abuse for one reason or another. I'm thinking of one in particular here. The lifestyle the blog depicts is not what you'd call vanilla and therefore tends to polarize people. In that case I completely understand the authors' decision to moderate.

Sun Oct 15, 06:38:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Stanley said...

I don't mind word verification, and I think it is a good thing. It only gets in the way where we just can't seem to agree on what the hell it says. I.e. some of those graphics are so cryptic that it takes me several tries to get one of them right. So far I haven't given up, but it could happen.

As to moderation, I can understand why some people need it. I must admit I feel slightly "outside in the cold" when I post a comment and I then get the message that it is subject to moderation. But, yes, it is a necessary evil.

Sun Oct 15, 09:40:00 pm GMT  
Blogger ZigZagMan said...

I'd have to agree on the word verification. Moderating the comments is a hassle, I'd vote no on this unless an issue comes up. Just my opinion....:)

I see you've established some sort of framework in the post above, cool.

Thanks for inviting me, and hope I can be of help...;)

Mon Oct 16, 02:32:00 am GMT  
Blogger bella said...

I agree with the general feelings here about word verification. Necessary evil and I have the same problem Stanley mentions.

I'd vote no on moderating comments.


Mon Oct 16, 11:50:00 am GMT  
Blogger DevilBlueDress said...

I too vote no on moderating comments. They can always be deleted. Although I know some people blog under more or less real identities that feel that moderation provides a certain amount of security.

Thu Oct 26, 10:35:00 pm GMT  

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