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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Potential Perils of Video Clips

Here's a story worth reading. While this deals with video clips and the software you're occasionally asked to download to view them it applies to all software you download from the Web. So whether you're a consumer or vendor (via your blog) of such files, think carefully before downloading anything. And if in any doubt, don't.


Blogger Anastasia said...

True You Tube isn't foolproof, but I remember times before You Tube where I'd be prompted to download codecs to view a video, otherwise it wouldn't work, and I'd do it, to my detriment at the time, until I got anti spyware programs and freaked out at what they detected.

Are there any other good programs (to scan files) out there? I used to run Adaware, but the version I have no longer updates like it used to, mind you, there are other anti spyware programs whose trial versions don't work properly

Tue Oct 31, 09:56:00 pm GMT  
Blogger bella said...

My husband has changed all of our computers (except mine) to Avast and so far is really happy with it.



Wed Nov 01, 03:31:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Spitfire said...

this is a cool site you guys have going here :-)

Wed Nov 01, 05:44:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Alex said...

Ana - The problem with free Anti-Spyware programs is that they often contain Adware and Spyware themselves!

Howver Adware SE from Lavasoft is quite good. It used to be free for home use, but I don't know if updates still come for free.

Bella - Doesn't the guy telling you that the definitions have jsut been updated get on your nerves? LOL Avast ids fine, but I find the scanning really hits machine performance. Well it does on my creaky old PC anyway.

Wed Nov 01, 08:27:00 pm GMT  
Blogger ZigZagMan said...

I like Avast also, but still lean on AVG in it's free version


I find it interesting that this is being toughted as new. Video clips have been calling malformed codecs for years now, largley in the porn sector. I remember the first time I opened one had to format my hard drive as the clip opened a website in the backround....installing all kinds of goodies.


I too like adawareSE, but it no longer updates as promised. I've been using spybot too.

if your using winXP, with SP2 installed...they have a free beta anti spyware that is pretty good also.

Wed Nov 01, 11:54:00 pm GMT  
Blogger bella said...

Bella - Doesn't the guy telling you that the definitions have jsut been updated get on your nerves? LOL

Apparently most of the computers I work around have the volume muted. I did walk by one a few weeks ago that had the volume on and when that guy spoke I almost peed my pants. :) Good point!

I think he's since been disabled...


Thu Nov 02, 07:52:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't understand youtube requesting that you download codecs, all of (as far as I am aware) youtubes content is flash based so the most you should ever need is the flash player as flash uses its own in built video compression. We've been uploading video content for our blog to pornotube.com which is also flash based, from a delivery point of view it is by the far the easiest option as most people have the flash plugin already installed. I think the best think for end users is to avoid sites that don't support these common standards, that way the sites will have to update or lose visitors.

Just my opinion mind you :)

Sat Nov 25, 11:49:00 am GMT  

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