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Monday, August 06, 2007

Video Hosting

We’ve started quite a bit of video recently. At the moment it’s all on YouTube.com, which is OK, but we are having problems uploading from time to time. Plus there’s the upload size/duration limit.

We’ve tried Google video, which seems quicker on upload and more reliable. It even has an unlimited upload size if you use the desktop version of the uploader instead of the web based one. My only gripe so far with Google Video is that the stats seem broken at the moment. More often than not the only video we have uploaded shows several hundred views one day then nothing for days on end, then the numbers reappear again.

Anyone else got any suggestions/experience of about free video hosting sites?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Spambot!

Only that both Youtube and Googlevideo do delete... we have had ours downed by Youtube due to unsuitable content. cocks mainly

Tue Aug 07, 10:04:00 pm GMT  
Blogger The Pagan And The Pervert said...

We tripped over yuvutu.com. Works well, stable and easy upload. Adult friendly. Good enough for us :)

P and P

Wed Aug 08, 03:00:00 am GMT  
Blogger Alex said...

Mutley, we don't have cocks on ours :) It's mainly Vlogging. We don't have an urge to bare all on video. It's like all editorial control, where do they draw the line and do they apply the rules to all users fairly.

P & P, We'll check that out, but like I said to Mutley, adult content issues are not our primary concern but quality of service

Wed Aug 08, 04:21:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Imelda Imelda said...

Adult content is the issue for me, dunno if these are appropriate for you but I've had success with xtube and pornotube and yuvutu until they decided I was underage!!!

Mon Sep 24, 08:05:00 pm GMT  

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