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Friday, December 28, 2007

Google AdSense - For Adult Sites?

To my surprise, Google Adsense approved my original blog. I applied expecting to be rejected because some of my posts are adult in nature, but I guess I was rather tame in the end.

What kinds of advertising sites are out there for adult sites? I'm looking for something like Google Adsense that is geared towards adult blogs. If you know of any, please give me the details in comments.


Blogger Discovery said...

Hi there,
i wonder if google adsense is allowed in adult sites. But i think if the site doesnt contain any pornographic image or some unfamily safe language such as "fuck, dick, ass" you can put google ads on it. I am also thinking about one adsense block in my blog sex why not but i am not sure so far.
As for adult advertisement or others, you can sell ads on your blog using this sponsor:
This is a very good one and many adult sites are using it and i just registered an account with them today.
P.S: If you will decide to get an account with them, please considere signing up through this link:
, so i can earn a one time referer price. Thanks you

Fri Dec 28, 11:28:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous anal sex said...

I think your blog comply with the spirit of Google's landing page quality guidelines., just avoid publishing some explicit pix.

Sat Dec 29, 11:56:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Gordon Rose said...

I run The Netfuxxx Blog which covers the "Netflix for Porn" industry. Adsense wasn't working well for me, so I added referral links to companies that rent porn dvds online and also adult friend finder. Good luck!


Sun Dec 30, 05:47:00 am GMT  
Blogger Richard said...

Take a look at http"//blog.adgridwork.com
www.masternewmedia.org (how to make money with your blog link)

Tue Jan 01, 06:29:00 am GMT  
Anonymous gay said...

i dont think it can work.

Sat Jan 19, 07:35:00 am GMT  
Blogger Sub Nouveau said...

I added it, but more often than not only PSAs were run, not actual ads. So I've deleted them.

I'm goingto check outthe links richard posted it

Sun Jan 20, 11:34:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous Michael said...

I'm just starting out, but the BEST I found for adult advertising is http://www.blacklabelads.com/

It's set up just like Adbrite, (it's actually owned by AB) but it's entirely for adult blogs. My site is celebrity/adult, so it works well.

Sun Oct 26, 07:09:00 pm GMT  

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