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Saturday, October 13, 2007

MySpace - It's Not Just For Kids

I have an update on my MySpace article. Click on this link to read the original article. After two failed attempts, I finally have a working MySpace page. While that one image that I had talked about in my previous article violated MySpace's Terms of Service, it turns out that it is likely that my account was phished ... twice. I woke up two mornings in a row to find my MySpace page had turned into ether. The message was that my account did not exist, and that it had been deleted. I had no explanation s to how or why. Nothing in e-mail. Turns out MySpace didn't delete my account due to content problems. Most likely, I had been phished.

MySpace apparently has a big problem with phishers. Why MySpace doesn't fix its weaknesses and bugs is beyond me. I've never had a problem with a computer virus or phishing mainly because I have a Mac and I don't fall for the usual phishing lines. Apparently, one way phishers get into MySpace pages by abusing the HTML in comments. I learned that to prevent this from happening, I had to disable HTML in comments so that no one could leave graphics in my comments on either the page itself or my MySpace blog. I was also told to change my password. So far, my latest and hopefully last MySpace page is alive and well. Phishers be damned!

Anyway, I think that sex writers could get a lot of mileage out of MySpace. I'm using it to meet other erotica, romance, horror, and bizarro writers and publishers. The image MySpace has as being only for teenagers is very wrong. Within only a couple of weeks, I've successfully networked with other writers, magazines, and publishers. Because of MySpace, I now have a new writing gig, writing an interview with a Scottish punk/metal band for Kink Magazine. I've heard of Kink. I had never seen their MySpace page before. I've become very close MS friends with an erotic romance writer from my publishing house, and she's helping me set up a brand new web site for my erotic and romantic writings. I've wanted a good web site location for awhile now, but I had not looked all that hard. This one is made for erotic romance writers.

Aside of finding some great networking opportunties, I'm enjoying futzing with the layout of my page. There are scads of web sites full of fun MySpace layouts and comments graphics. You can design your page to reflect your interests or your line of work. There are lots of sexy layouts for sex writers. One way I network is to post a "hello" on the pages of people at the top of my "friends" list. If they allow graphics, I post something sexy, magical, or funny. I do this on Mondays, Wednesdays (Hump Day), and Fridays/weekends. It's a lot of work, but it's working out well for me. My name is out there. I change my layout often, and I am going to frequently change my password to keep the phishers at bay. I've had a sexy devil layout, a Halloween layout, and a fantasy layout. Right now, I have an ocean layout with the sound of the ocean as my background music for the page.

Warning: MySpace is addictive. ;)

I think that sex writers might be able to find MySpace useful. We might have to be a bit careful with our content, which is something I will look at in future posts about MySpace. However, I think that MySpace could help sex writers find other writers and even magazines and publishers. I'm new to MySpace, so these are my initial thoughts.


Blogger Peter and Jennifer Smith said...

Great post; I've never thought of Myspace as a place for writers. I know bands/comedians use it to promote, but now that you mention it, it does seem like a great place for writer's to network. Thanks!

Mon Dec 03, 06:51:00 am GMT  

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