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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Being 'Featured' on another's blog

Another Facet of promoting your Blog is that others are going to see your work, and a few things may happen then.

1) You will pick up more readers if they enjoy your work
2) Other Bloggers may point their readers at your site
3) Other Bloggers may link to you from their own blog
4) Other People may want to Feature your work with Full Credit
5) You will get more comments

The above are usually all goods things.

5) Other People may try to pass your work off as their own
7) Other people may 'Feature' your work with with minimal or no credit.

These are bad things.

What do you do if the bad things happen?

a) Contact the maintainer or owner of the website and requests that they either give you credit or remove your work

If this doesn't work

b) Go to No Yoink and report the plagiarism

Remember that the work you produce is your work, you have full copyright of that work and can dictate how and when it is used, misuse can reflect badly on yourself and your blog.


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