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Monday, October 16, 2006

Question to the community and a "thank you"

1st and foremost, I'd like to thank Mr. G for starting this forum for us, both new and experienced bloggers who lean naughty. :) We need a proper resource like this, and I hope collectively, we can all make this a valuable resource.

Ass kissing aside, lets talk about adding audio and video to a blog. I'm pretty handy with HTML, and manually editing my own templates, wrote web before I took on blogging, not a "huge" learning curve there, but inserting audio and video seems abit of a challange to me.

On the video end...Utube seems very friendly....but I really cringe at the idea of giving them access rights to my blog, should they get hacked or some crap. Are there alternatives out there? On the audio end, what services have you goofs used that you like...dislike and why......I am very interested?

Mr Zig..:)


Blogger Anastasia said...

There's a good site, audioblog.com but it's a pay site (by the year or month) that enables audio and video.

I've had youtube linked to my blogs, and haven't had issues yet, but now that you mention it, who knows what can happen. Hopefully now that Google have it, they've put in extra security measures.

What about audio/pod introductions in here?

Mon Oct 16, 11:15:00 am GMT  
Blogger bella said...

I am still in "keep it simple" mode and haven't considered adding either one. But the mention of audio made me sit up straight in my chair. I very much don't like blogs with no way to turn the audio off. For a while I wondered if I was just missing the "off button" but I never found it and just stopped visiting those blogs.


Mon Oct 16, 11:32:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Automatic videos and Music are a no-no for me anyway.

Linking of Blogs with Youtube and Pornotube is actually very good and integrated.

Mon Oct 16, 05:35:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous JohnQ said...

PornoTube is fun. It started off pretty weak, only having some pretty questionable amateur content. But now it's fallen into the same legal grey area as Youtube, hosting plenty of really quality stuff by some top porn studios, but that *technically* doesn't belong to them. They've got an embed function also that's similar to YouTube's.

Mon Oct 16, 06:22:00 pm GMT  
Blogger ArtfulDodger said...

The danger we run into with some integrated video/audio solutions is the problem with cross-platform compatibility. Not only in Mac/PC issues, but also in the wide usage of older versions of IE, and in other browsers, such as Opera and Safari. No one solution seems to work well over all platforms when it is integrated into the blogger code.

Naturally, this leaves the only viable (And in my opinion best option) to be that of an "opt-in" or choice approach. In which the visitor to your blog is given the OPTION of watching or listening to content you would like to share. Through and external link mostly.

While I haven't personally used many of the video applications within blogger, other than some success with UTube. I have had some experience with audio postings and linking to mpeg files that seem to work very well.

My favorite multimedia site that I use is OurMedia (ourmedia.org), it is a FREE site although the sign-up process takes some time, the tools and resources available are top-notch. They also offer a desktop application that makes posting your files, audio or video, easy. Once posted you can direct traffic in many ways, although I find the direct link the best option for visitors.

Castpost also seems to work well for many bloggers, although I haven't personally used it much myself. As mentioned above, Audioblogger used to be a FREE service, but isn't any more. Their system doesn't work that well anyway, so I don't expect that to last long.

Hope that helps some.

Mon Oct 16, 07:46:00 pm GMT  
Blogger ZigZagMan said...

Thanks for replies. I completely agree with auto start apps being a nuisance and should be avoided.

I'll check out the other stuff above.

Mon Oct 16, 09:56:00 pm GMT  

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