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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A small tutorial,.......Getting and installing AVGFree

With the last post fresh in mind, I thought I'd share this. It's a small tutorial I actually wrote for my dad this week, to update his existing install of AVGFree 7.1.

The install is for an older WinOS machine running 98se or WinME, but probably works on XP as well. If it's usefull to any of you, then please leave it up, if not, cool if ya dump it to.:)Please feel free to edit for your own needs.


ok, so they don't allow direct linking, but not too many clicks this. Print this out, follow the steps and all should be well...or reasonable.....either way, this worked for me on 98se.

1st off, this is the base link, go here to get the free stuff without too much hassle..


From here you can read the fancy web page and get the fuzzy warm feeling that this is a legit upgrade. Don't screw with the links in the middle of the page at this point. We go from here to the side bar on the left, please note the side bar on the left of the page.

2nd off, skip all the promotional nonsense, and click on the "downloads" option on the sidebar mentioned above, that will give you a screen that has 3 options in the middle of your browser.....the top option should be "Installation files & documentation", with 2 more underneath, being updates and virus removal tools in that order. The top one is what we want to click on.

3rd now, If you clicked on "Installation files & documentation you should be at a screen trying to sell you an anti-malware and internet security package. Scroll down. In the middle of the page is a brief description of how to update 7.1free to 7.5 free, and just below that, a link to the free download for windows, and farther down, the same package for linux.

Download the free windows version, it about 14.5 meg, to a safe directory like dloads or something, and then shut down all apps........browse to it and run the install.

When prompted, select repair, very important, and let it run.

You will then have to reboot, AVG will be dead when it comes up, least it was in my case, and you'll have to tell it to look for updates. Updates will run as normal, install themselves, and all should go well......:)


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