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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Merry Christmas and Good Luck

Dear Everyone

I thought I'd take the option and write a public post, to share with every other sex blogger, to more or less announce my retirement from this site. The reasons are numerous, things ranging from being approached like I was a thief from one member (and that issue not being dealt with by the moderator/admin of this 'community'), to being unlinked by other members on this site, out of the blue as it were (not due to any conflict or anything like that), and I don't see it as community like behavior. I'm no huge fan of hypocrisy, but that's what I see and it's something I have no interest in being a part of.

I like my sex straight up, and that's how I like my human behavior as well; whether we're online or not isn't the point, we're all adults. More recently I was emailed by a member of this community, and told that my new page had technical issues and 'sorry, but they were unable to read it.' Well, to them I say that so far many other visitors haven't had any problems with the setup, and if it's just another excuse, that I have no time for it. As far as I know there are many other blogs that have a black background with white text, and I haven't seen that person complain about those sites.

Frankly I haven't seen so much clique behavior in my life, and I couldn't give a shit about because I write for myself, and I submit writing to other places, and I've never depended on a sex-blogging community in order to post stuff, or to be validated in any kind of way, but that's how it can seem, where a 'adult' blogger needs to be officially verified by some group of people like that group hold the Pope by the balls, as it were.

One thing that has disappointed me in the last year and a bit, is how insular some sex bloggers can be, how cliquey they can be, and there were more days where I felt like a new kid in a kindergarten setup.

As far as I'm concerned the World Wide Web is big enough for all of us, but my final request to be removed from this community relates to things that I don't have time for, hypocrisy being one of those things, and I can't say I have received any 'community' benefits from my association. I've had a member spit the dummy at me, despite any apologies, to address me as though I am a thief of sorts only to have the moderator of this site avoid any type of mediation; rather spineless if you ask me. I've had the moderator give me excuse upon excuse, more often than not ignoring any issue I've raised away from here, only to email me to bitch about the setup of my webpage.

Have a Merry Christmas.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you feel this way. I don't think that this community is any different from any others regarding 'Cliques' There are always groups of friends anywhere.

Thu Dec 21, 01:30:00 pm GMT  
Blogger DevilBlueDress said...

I too am sorry that you feel this way. I have no idea what you are talking about. I offer you my support and friendship. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Fri Dec 22, 06:33:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leadership is a skill. Not everybody has yet developed that skill. I am wondering, if it's just Human Nature to have cliques, and if cliques are everywhere? Your decision to leave is probably a good one. Especially if it preserves your self-respect.

Fri Dec 22, 11:30:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous Juno Henry said...

Um... ok. I have no idea what you mean, Ana. But if you feel it's the best move for you, then you must do what's best for you.

I believe I'm not the only person here who is of the opinion that a person's behaviour is their own choice and whatever they do has to be what's best for them. And i never saw evidence, nor was invited to be part of a clique here. Perhaps I'm not cool enough, perhaps I'm too cool. I don't know... it's just the first I've heard of it.

Either way, happy holidays. Hope you manage to relax and enjoy yourself a little.

Sat Dec 23, 06:40:00 am GMT  

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