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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Many New Arrivals

We now have 27 members, rapid growth I'm sure you'll all agree.

We received some good publicity from Adult Blog Hub and various people's Blogs so thanks for that.

A reminder that if you wish to join but have not done so already, please email me directly, comments do not always make it clear how to contact you back, and I need an email address to invite you.

Mel is working on the next review of a resource, if anyone else wishes to review a resource and how it can help bloggers please feel free to pop it up here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A warm and hearty welcome from "SexBlog Welcome" to the Sex Blogger Community blog.

You have a great start to an excellent forum for the sex blogging community.

A Nawty Mouz

Fri Nov 10, 07:30:00 am GMT  

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