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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Really Simple Syndication

Really Simple Syndication or RSS for Short is a way of getting your favourite content 'delivered' to you regularly, it changes the web from a place where you hunt for content to a place where your favourite websites push content (Or notification of new content) out to your RSS enabled reader.

I'm going to look at this from two points of view.

1) The Content provider (i.e. YOU)

(Apologies if this is not the same for Blogger Beta, I do not have the ability to provide this information at this time)

This allows regular readers to be notified regularly of new content from yourself, sometimes within minutes of you posting the content.

In Blogger go into your settings and then find the 'Site Feed' Tab

'Publish Site Feed' must be set to Yes

Descriptions is set as you require, a setting of short will give the RSS reader a brief snapshot of your latest post, they can then go to your new post, Full will allow the RSS reader to read the whole posting in their RSS reader.

Below that is then the address for the feed, e.g. the SBC feed is at http://sexbloggercomm.blogspot.com/atom.xml

You can then add a footer at the bottom of each RSS notification.

Click on 'Save settings' All done, Web Browsers that recognise RSS feeds will notify your readers that this services is available.

2) The Reader

You will either need a Web Browser that can use RSS feeds correctly or an RSS reader. My personal preference is an RSS reader and the one I use on the Mac is Newsfire http://www.newsfirerss.com/, this is not a free product but is one I heartily recommend due to it's ease of use, ability to search all feeds and to create Smart Feeds. The $19 I spent on it has been more than paid for in the amount of time I've saved catching up with my favourite websites.

RSS allows me to pull down the content from literally hundreds of websites each hour, I see far more of the web than I used to and I'm far less likely to miss a story / article. With Newsfire I can set up smart feeds to pull any articles with phrases I'm interested in.

E.g. I'm a big football (real football, not your american rubbish) fan and I can have a smart feed that picks up anything that contains the words / phrases 'Football', "Premiership" or "Football club" and all matching articles will be displayed in the smart feed.

If you wish to help others read your page when it alters look at providing RS, if you wish to get more out of the web then look into RSS as a way to look at all of your relevant content.


Blogger R2K said...

Wild wild stuff here. But why do I get the feeling these are 99% men?

Thu Nov 09, 04:05:00 am GMT  
Anonymous badinfluencegirl said...

i'm female... but you don't have to believe me. i have met at least one other sex blogger in person who is also female and she's met a few and and and.

i enable rss but don't use it myself..

Thu Nov 09, 05:32:00 am GMT  
Blogger DevilBlueDress said...

One free site that collects RSS feeds is www.netvibes.com. I don't have mine completely set up yet. I do know that if you don't actually set up an account and clear cookies it will wipe it out though! I managed to do that on my husband's computer. I have found it useful, and would like to add more of my favorite sites. You can actually add gmail to it as well. As well as mundane stuff like local weather.

Sat Nov 11, 06:41:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tue Nov 14, 08:11:00 pm GMT  

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