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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

iNotepad (Mac Software)

I don't know if this is allowed, or should be in a resources section? Alex feel free to delete this post.

I recently found a product called iNotepad completely by accident for the Mac, it was on a coverdisk on a Mac magazine and the description sounded promising.

When I first started Blogging, I typed straight into the blogger box and hit 'Publish Post' and there you go. Longer posts soon needed something different and I retreated to the tried and trusted Microsoft Word. I never felt comfortable for some reason using that, it didn't seem to flow very well, allow multiple pieces to be worked on very well and I didn't seem to have a workflow system.

iNotepad gives me the workflow system I needed, I can create folders, file things away and manipulate how things sit a lot more easily. It will publish straight to HTML if you want and it will encrypt your writings if you want. It has many, many tricks up its sleeve

Now granted I haven't been posting much recently, but it doesn't mean that I've not been writing snippets and iNotepad has made writing so much easier for me.

The only thing it doesn't do for me is spell check, but I can always run it through Word before I post it if I want. EDIT, I've just found that it spell checks as you type.

It allows you to create 20 'Notes' and/or folders in the free version, registering it will only cost about £8 though.

I recommend people to look into it if they think it will help.(And I have no connection to the product at all.)



Blogger Alex said...

To be honest I haven't even thought about the detail of how I'll go about organising the place just yet :)

It's business as usual as far as I'm concerned.

As for deleting the post, hardly. Mac stuff is an area that I have virtually no experience in, so as long as a post is of benefit to bloggers it's a valuable resource.

Everyone has a different way of writing their entries, I use MS Word. A tool like this for only a few quid sounds great, especially if you find it useful as an unbiased fellow blogger. Now, if you then told me that you worked for vojousoftware, that would be differen. LOL

Wed Jan 17, 09:38:00 pm GMT  

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