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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Backing Up Blogger Blogs

When we actively used Blogger we did what we do now, keep a copy of all posts in Word, which is where we write anyway. It’s just a question of being methodical, some might say anal, about it LOL.

As for transferring to Word Press or another platform … although the migration tool used to work, we tried just after the new Blogger appeared and found that the tool simply didn’t function any more. It may have been the volume of posts, or it may just have been changes in the way the Blogger menus work. Word Press appears to extract the posts by navigating the menus in Blogger, so when the menus weren’t what it expected it threw a tantrum and refused to migrate posts. That’s not to say they (Word Press) haven’t fixed it now though. Has anyone else tried recently?

If you have an existing blog and simply want to back it up you could simply browse each of the archives (monthly archives) and Save (As) the web page to your own PC from your browser’s File menu. A bit laborious if you have a large blog but once you’re up to date, just save the previous month’s on the first of the month and away you go.

Alternatively you could use a tool like this http://www.httrack.com/ that will crawl a site and back it up for you via http. If anyone has tried this or any other tool I’d be interested in their experiences, good or bad.


Blogger Devilbluedress said...

I didn't use to write my posts in Word because of all the formatting issues. Way to much time to fix things.

Just got Office 2007 though, and it has the capability to publish directly. It really works, and is the tool that far exceeds the others that I've tried. (Worked with it on a professional blog I also have.)

Thu Apr 19, 02:49:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im interested to find out - please do post if you can answer - I realise that I have a lot of posts hanging there in cyberspace. Most are very SEXYY!!

Wed Apr 25, 09:42:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please do let me know how to do this-I am reluctant to experiment-so to speak ...

Sun Apr 29, 10:01:00 pm GMT  

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