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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What To Do About Spammers

I have noticed a sudden upswing in SPAM from people with false Blogger IDs. They leave a comment that starts out nice ("great blog, I will come back often"), then launch into some bullshit about marketing shit to Eskimos. Other than comment moderation, is there any answer to this? I reported one site to Blogger, but zippo back from them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had some that say how much they love my blog, then invite me to look at their site, but nothing about marketing.

I do use comment moderation and word verification though and the amount of spam is quite minimal.

Tue Mar 06, 08:00:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Tom Paine said...

I don't mind someone asking me to check them out (blogwhoring). After all, it's a way to build readership, and if they're interesting, why not?

Comment moderation adds another layer of annoyance to this process, so I had hoped to avoid it. But perhaps the time has come....

Wed Mar 07, 11:49:00 am GMT  
Blogger Al Sensu said...

I've held off on moderation too. I use word verification and occasionally get a comment that I feel goes beyond acceptable blogwhoring. So I delete it. At this point that's easier than moderation.

Thu Mar 08, 04:53:00 am GMT  
Blogger Easily Aroused said...

My blog is hosted independently using the Wordpress platform, but I'm no less vulnerable to the blight of spam. I currently use a third-party plug-in to minimise it (according to the stats, it's blocked 777 spamming attempts in the last week). Even so, I still need to moderate as some spam still gets through. It's a pain, but I'd sooner live with it than have my comments filled up with assorted crap...


Thu Mar 15, 12:53:00 pm GMT  
Blogger The Lone Beader said...

Someone left spam in my cbox, but I just deleted it.

Fri Mar 16, 04:26:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Richard said...

I found this on a site.
jimbojw writes "In a recent security advisory Fortinet is reporting that due to Blogger's popularity, hackers have started to embed malicious scripts on some blogs. 'These scripts have shown up on hundreds of Blogger.com sites. In some cases, a variant of the Stration mass mailer is responsible for directing traffic to the Blogger.com sites.' CNET reports on the situation, quoting an unnamed Google representative as saying 'These are not legitimate blogs that were compromised. They appear to be deliberately set up to promote phishing, which is against our terms of service. We are investigating, and blogs found to include malicious code or promote phishing will be deleted.' The blogs in question use meta or JavaScript redirection to push traffic to a phishing or malware site. Links to the blogs are subsequently mass-mailed by infected visitors — typically via worms in the Stration family. We can only hope that this will not cause Google to remove Blogger.com's templating engine — which is both a source of its strength, and a potential liability as illustrated by these recent attacks."

Fri Mar 16, 06:37:00 pm GMT  
Blogger wanklogger said...

I try to stay on top of comment spam, but it is quite a chore.

Sun Mar 18, 05:21:00 am GMT  

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