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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eye of Venus - sex blog directory

There is a brand new directory for Sex blogs that just went online! Eye of Venus.

"Born out of a desire to have a source for "quality" erotic blogs that truly lives up to its name, "Eye of Venus" was created as a repository of intelligent, entertaining, literate and photographic blogs dealing with the myriad facets of sex. Blogs submitted will be selected by merit, using our own rigorous and possibly quirky criteria. Our aim is to provide a service that highlights the best of erotic writing and visuals on the web, and to keep our standards consistently high.

Here is where we are forced to admit to a certain level of intellectual snobbery. This directory was created by sex bloggers, for sex bloggers tired of finding their work lost in a morass of "sex blogs" featuring badly-lit tits, asses and money shots (charming though they are, in their own way). We intend to keep this directory selective, and are approaching you as we feel you represent the quality we are looking for. We would very much appreciate your support in our quest to promote world domination of the superior sex blog."

The place looks interesting and has a directories of "Literate and Visual Blogs. I plan to explore some of the links that they have found!

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