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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

These are Just Thoughts (re: communities as a whole)

The essential component of a community is one where members introduce themselves, giving an introduction to what they're more or less about. The other element of sex blogging is the aspect of anonymity and how it can impede this because it places a lot of limitations. The strict nature of anonymity is more prevalent in sex blogging, and this can impede a full scale introduction but that doesn't make an introduction impossible. It can be said that a reader can gauge many things from a writer's blog, however this many not fully be the case especially where blog content isn't reflective of an ongoing personal diary. The other element, is the use of those types of legalese statements that, in their own way, act like a loophole: the content may or may not be true, it may be partially true, but more importantly and in many cases it doesn't really introduce new readers to the blogger. So from this end, it's difficult for a person, who doesn't blog to gain an insight, especially if the blogger has been blogging for more than a year. One quick look around, and many profile pages are hardly filled.

In light of the few blogs that have closed their virtual doors in the last couple of months, introductions may be a viable option. How would a completely new person (to blogging) view this medium? How comfortable would they feel? I often think think of that, and I also wonder (in regard to blogs that have shut up shop) of the reasons why some bloggers have decided to close their blogs (stalking etc aside).

Which is why I think this idea of a community, like the one set up here, is important to introduce people to others as well as encourage some debate/discussion as well. Aside from this, it would be the only time where people/bloggers would be communication outside the comfort of their own blogs, so it would be informal.

But introductions don't just happen. We write about so many explicit things, and at the end of it all, there's a percentage that's not willing to lift the lid - at least partially - on themselves (outside of the sexual genre) in a community setting (a blog entry is different, it's written for an audience, and can be subjective).

How do you see blogging?
How has it affected you?
Did you ever envision that you'd be blogging about sexual themes?
Do you find it limiting as a genre and/or find it difficult integrating with other non sex blogs/bloggers who may (or may not) view sex blogging as being socially subverse?
What concerns do people have as bloggers (apart from whether or not they receive commentry, visits etc).

I also think the one thing that can impede an open community is personal agenda, or a confluence of personal agendas that are executed without a democratic type of discussion within a community.


Blogger Mel said...

Blogging, for Sean and I, is about writing down things we felt we couldn't say to each other. Still, even six months after my first blog entry, I'm writing down things he didn't know I felt.

It's affected us greatly, but for the better. Our sex life has greatly improved, and the blog acts as an ice breaker for difficult subjects.

With regards to envisioning writing about sex - that's the reason the blog was set up, as a way of monitoring our sex life and seeing where being more open would lead us. What I didn't forsee was becoming the admin for a popular sex blog directory... that really was a surprise!

It is a little limiting as a genre, but I think most genres are if you write them for more than a few months. I think that's why my writing has flagged for the last few months.

I didn't have any concerns when I started blogging, but now that Sean and I have sat down to properly discuss our future, being "outed" (people in real life discovering who we are, or Internet people finding out who we are in real life) did play a major part. This is due to the careers we both want when we graduate. I don't think either of us could afford it (That is, with our blog being the BDSM type). It's been worrying Sean for quite a while, but I think we're safe, at least for now.

How about you, Mr Gently?

Tue Oct 24, 09:21:00 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd wrtten a couple of pieces and shared them with friends, and they encouraged me to write more.

Now I could have written and saved the files on my Hard Drive, but why not blog anonymously online.

I knew my blog would be sexual in nature, due to my imagination and vanilla sex life it's a way to explore my fantasies.

I do find now after 10 months that I am more and more worried about being repetitive and boring, I suppose it's about keeping things believable and to make sure the story is about more than Physical sex, to make the characters people that the reader can emphathise with.

I don't receive many comments, but I do appreciate comments, it's always nice to know that someone else appreciates the effort. I do also appreciate negative comments to long as they're constructive, but any negative comments I've had have been anonymous so I couldn't discuss that person's point of view.

Regarding the community, I don't want this to be stifling, I do want it to be open to all, but I'm sure that we'll find our way.

Tue Oct 24, 10:04:00 pm GMT  
Blogger ArtfulDodger said...

I've found that in general, the more honest and open a blogger is (up to the wall of anonymity of course) the longer they tend to stay. I think the idea of someone maintaining a consistent facade for an extended period of time is simply a myth. While anonymity is the only reason I can blog, it is the only limitation upon my expression. Everything else about me is in the posts of my blog and it has become the truest place I can be.

I started with one simple goal, to talk about my fading marriage and my affair. Since I had no one in RL to discuss these things with. Since then I have gone through phases, doubts and conflicts that have often challenged me to find good reasons to continue. The reasons for blogging have changed over time, now I do it for a wider range of reasons, but mostly to express myself on an almost daily basis, whatever the topic might be. Yes, I have found the strict genre of sexual writing to be somewhat limiting and that presented some problems early on, but I finally realized that the blog is only bound by the limitations that I have imposed. That, in fact, it actually has no limitations. So now I blog about whatever I want.

I have always supported the idea of community within this world we have created and I believe that some potential exists in this forum. And I will do what I can to help it flourish. I must warn SBC however that my life, my blog and my writing are one BIG ASS personal agenda, heck, my life has been one huge personal agenda of mine.

Wed Oct 25, 01:27:00 am GMT  
Blogger ZigZagMan said...

I'd be willing to start a channel on IRC, perhaps Dalnet, where bloggers could join in and share if any are interested. I can't be the moderater every day....1-2 nights a week, but an official real-time chat room might be of help if other members would kick in time wise....:)

Thu Oct 26, 12:11:00 am GMT  

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