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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Moving to Blogger

The main worry I had about changing to New Blogger, was that I'd have to redo my Template.

I'm no web programmer, so the idea of putting it all back together worried me as I'm not exactly brimming over with spare time at the moment.

I went for it though, and clicked the button, after confirming my google account, it did the change and presented me with a new screen.

The new Dashboard is similar to the old one, and my Template survived.

I'm pleasantly surprised that it was so smooth and caused no problems, but I suppose that's why it's out of Beta.

One problem Alex and I did find was that even though I was removed as an Admin of SBC, I must still have been designated as the owner, so it was upgraded also. Just bear that in mind and I would suggest (And I'd guess that Alex would concur) that if you are a mod of a shared blog, make sure that someone who's an admin, but not the owner upgrades before the owner then any possible problem with admins should be covered.

Hopefully tomorrow, I may have time to move to the new Template Standards, does anyone have any advice?


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