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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Backing Up Blogger Blogs

When we actively used Blogger we did what we do now, keep a copy of all posts in Word, which is where we write anyway. It’s just a question of being methodical, some might say anal, about it LOL.

As for transferring to Word Press or another platform … although the migration tool used to work, we tried just after the new Blogger appeared and found that the tool simply didn’t function any more. It may have been the volume of posts, or it may just have been changes in the way the Blogger menus work. Word Press appears to extract the posts by navigating the menus in Blogger, so when the menus weren’t what it expected it threw a tantrum and refused to migrate posts. That’s not to say they (Word Press) haven’t fixed it now though. Has anyone else tried recently?

If you have an existing blog and simply want to back it up you could simply browse each of the archives (monthly archives) and Save (As) the web page to your own PC from your browser’s File menu. A bit laborious if you have a large blog but once you’re up to date, just save the previous month’s on the first of the month and away you go.

Alternatively you could use a tool like this http://www.httrack.com/ that will crawl a site and back it up for you via http. If anyone has tried this or any other tool I’d be interested in their experiences, good or bad.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Backing Up Posts & Moving From Blogger

I have two questions for you geeks out there. Take your hands off your genitals and pay attention!

First, is there some way to back-up posts besides doing so manually for every one? You can download your template now, but what about my 250 posts?

Second, I'm exploring hosting my own site with domain name, but blanche at the thought of migrating all those posts. Can it be done, or is just better to start over and link to the new site from the old site?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Condoms and the Pill Both?

I notice that some of you both require word verification AND moderate comments before posting them. I require verification, but don't moderate. Isn't using both a bit of overkill? Just wondering.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Be Careful How You Spread The Word!

A word of warning to all you bloggers out there. Be careful who you subscribe to. We took onboard a new feed a few weeks ago and immediately started to receive an unprecedented amount of spam email and comments on our site.

Most of the spam was being generated to entice to commercial adult sites and we were getting hundreds of hits per day.

After a few days we decided to remove the link to them from our sidebar and guess what…the spam surge has now stopped completely.

So take care and be aware that this kind of thing happens and that removing the link can in some instances cure the problem.

It’s a pity that some feed sites attract the spammers, we’ve been listed on most of the sites on our sidebar for months, even years, with no problems whatsoever. So don’t let this one incident put you off promoting your blog, just be vigilant.