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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sex Audia ... Is there anybody there?

A couple of months ago we registered with Sex Audia and dutifully placed a link to the site on our sidebar. We requested that we be added to the list of sites on Sex Audia, and waited, and waited and waited. We emailed, and waited, emailed again, waited a little more and gave up.

Does anyone have an email address at Sex Audia other than that listed on the site we could use to contact these people? Or should we just give up?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Am I the Only One Unable to Log In to Adult Blog Hub?

OK, I joined Adult Blog Hub and hope to become a posting demon like Tara Tainton. But my problem is that I can't log in. I've been working with the tech support people, and no luck. They, of course, can log in just fine. They tell me "it's your computer, asshole, it won't accept cookies." Well, that's not true. I have re-set my browser to accept third party cookies, have lowered my security setting to the lowest, and purged the cache of old cookies. Nada. When I log in, the screen simply blots out my password and waits for me to enter it again, staying in that "loop" without end.

And this is the only site I can't log into. Anyone else having this problem and any solutions that worked for you?