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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sexism within sex Bloggers

OK, the title is sensationistic.

There is not sexism within sex bloggers, however a blog which features pictures of women drags the reader in far more easily than one which does not.

I have no desire to fill my pages with pictures as my thing is writing.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thoughts on SBC- Stagnant

SBC seems to have become stagnant. I have not put a counter on the site to see how often anyone is still visiting, but I know that advertisers still want to participate in a link exchange regularly.

When this blog was first set up, there was quite a bit of interest and quite a bit of people that had interesting thoughts about sex or blogging related to sex. It was a useful resource for many because of the issues that were posted over time.

I know that we are all still thinking about sex. What's up? Have people found other useful venues such as forums or yahoo groups? Were people offended by a prior decision to remove non-contributing members? I have heard that some people choose not to read because of that decision.

What would make this site more interesting and vibrant to you?
Do you want an extensive blogroll of sex blogs?
Do you want open membership that is not actually listed on the website so you can write easily?
I'm not as committed to fancy websites as someone like AlexSuze- I have other things going in my life. But I do like SBC as a group project.

That means the question needs answered- what's not working, and what should change so that sex bloggers come here as a general resource.