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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rules Question

I want to put up a page / post of the Rules for SBC

As with everything Community this is up to all of us, not just myself.

These are the Rules I like (Although these aren't final.

1) SBC will not host Adverts (This can be changed by a 75% in favour vote, but only in a position where the Community would need the money to continue in a workable form, while it remains on Blogger, Ads are not an option)
2) SBC will not promote resources that have more than 2 advertisements on their main page
3) A member of SBC may not post a link to their own blog, however crossposting of information relevant to SBC is allowed
4) Anyone may join SBC, but flouting of the rules will lead to your membership being revoked.

Fill in your own blanks, any more rules?


Blogger ArtfulDodger said...

Mr G, here are my thoughts, for what they are worth.

1) I think the idea of no adverts should be strictly enforced. I can't imagine a reason why funds would need to be generated and doing so would cast the concept of money into this forum, where it would only cause trouble.
Should a need arise, there are other ways it could be dealt with.

2) I think the biggest question here is the "promotion of resources" and what that means. Are we talking members, banners, or what? While I agree on the banners, or links side, I think banning members is not a good idea.

3) I think that's a good rule, if anyone wants to find our blogs they can just follow our name link on the Contributors sidebar.

4) I think this one needs the most work. Open ended may be fine to write, but as my lawyer always says, contracts are not for when things go right, but for when things go wrong. We should have a process, a simple one, no need to be complicated. But who addresses issues? And how are they resolved? I would suggest that Mr. G be the administrator of this process up to a point, as in this way: If something needs addressed Mr. G would privately email the blogger and politely point out the issue. At Mr. G's judgement, should the issue be unresolved, he could make the rest of group aware of the problem and the steps taken towards resolution. Then it should take a simple majority vote to revoke membership. Most of this can happen behind the scenes really.

Should we also have something in place should a member suddenly stop blogging?

My 2 cents worth.

Wed Oct 25, 01:40:00 am GMT  
Blogger Desire X said...

Thanks for the invite!
We're honored to be surrounded by so many of the bloggers that we admire. We'll be proud to call you all our friends.

Now to catch up!

All the best,

Desire X

Wed Oct 25, 03:30:00 am GMT  
Blogger Anastasia said...

I can understand the idea of not promoting places that feature advertising, but what is classified as an advert?

For example. If Fleshbot was promoted as an alternative directory/resource, then it's like a contradiction of terms because Fleshbot makes a lot of profit from advertising on its site, which is understandable because many sites hosted on servers outside blogger/wordpress (any free platform) incur bandwidth costs. Sugasm may not openly have advertising on it's site, but Sugarbank does, but it's a site that also features a lot of staff that manage each sub section. So for that reason, I think that some exceptions need to be made in regard to advertising.

Wed Oct 25, 05:39:00 am GMT  

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