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Monday, February 12, 2007


Alex, please delete if this is not appropriate.

Blogger offers Adsense on both Classic and 'New' Blogger

My Quick poll focuses on Adsense.


And in Comments, what do you think of blogs that use Adsense.

I'm also assuming that you'd need hundreds of thousands of clickthroughs to add up to a significant amount of cash.

I've always been curious


Anonymous Adele Haze said...

Well, the small print on AdSense TOS says that sites with adult content are not welcome in the programme, so no, I don't use it. However, if somebody manages to make it work for them - good luck to them.

Mon Feb 12, 09:45:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Alex said...

Click-thru/impression advertising is not worth having unless you have a very high traffic, or you find a very generous advertiser, as if.

You can cover a blog in ads and still get littel return. Then of course there's the problem of some ad brokers not accepting adult sites. thought how they apply those rules can be a littel arbitrary

Mon Feb 12, 10:41:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Ed said...

We got turned down for AdSense due to 'inappropriate content' so we use Clicksor instead. I wouldn't really call it income - more like pin money. But it's paid for some toys from LoveHoney, so I'm not complaining.

Mon Feb 12, 11:46:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Odysseus said...

We got turned down for AdSense due to 'inappropriate content' so we use Clicksor instead.

I didn't realize that was an issue! We were using AdSense but I took it off after reading the comments here. I'd rather not get the blog yanked due to inappropriate content or something.

An interesting conversation - I'd be interested to hear more about what ad schemes work for adult content like ours.

Thu Feb 15, 03:32:00 am GMT  
Blogger Viviane said...

I'm using Blogads.
Fleshbot uses AdBrite.

Sun Feb 25, 12:47:00 am GMT  

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