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Saturday, February 03, 2007


Blogger is currently disappointing me a lot, new blogger seems to be a huge improvement in every way, apart from reliability.

I can't tell you the number of times that I've tried to look at a blog (not even my own) do some admin, or post and blogger has not responded correctly.

With this in mind, I'm looking around for somewhere else to host GentlyGently.

Some of the options I've looked into are:

Wordpress Hosted
Buy some webspace and install Wordpress
Buy some webspace with blogging built in.

If anyone doesn't mind sharing, can I ask the following questions?

Where do you host your Blog?

How do you find it?

Did you previously use another service? of so, what was it and why did you leave?

Thanks in Advance for any responses.



Blogger Avinash said...

I'll recommend HostGator if you are worried about reliability. If you read this article, you'll have to pay only $0.01 for the first month (new signup).

In case you are unable to access the first link, try this mirror.

All the best!

Sat Feb 03, 09:50:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Viviane said...

I'm still on Blogger. I had probelms in old Blogger with Firefox, and constantly had to refresh the screen. That problem has gone away with the new version.

Are you using Windows? have you cleaned the caches on your browser?
In IE, do you have 'Empty Temporary Internet file folder when browser is closed' checked in the Advanced settings? It is NOT the default.

Also click on the Windows Key and the the R key and type in %TEMP%.
This opens the cache and you'll see many files that can be deleted.

This Smart Computing article explains better than I do:

Sun Feb 04, 02:54:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i used blogger for my regular blog and then i tried wordpress for my sex blog and it was so much better that i moved the regular one too.

i can't take that blogger is down two days out of seven and i especially can't take how free they are with my identity.

i half expect this comment to post as my regular identity in spite of what i will check... and it has happened.

so i like wordpress and they host my domain for me nicely.

Tue Feb 06, 05:02:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous badinfluencegirl said...

well anonymous is better than outing me anyway...

Tue Feb 06, 05:03:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous forever_ranting said...

I went with Start Logic this time. It had wordpress already included in avaiable options all you have to do is install it from the hosting panel.
The site address is http://www.startlogic.com/
its relativly cheap farily easy to use. Echo Echo Plus is another decent one i use and it was not as cheap as Start logic and you have to install EVERYTHING your self.

if you have any other questions... feel free to contact me thru my blog :)

Tue Feb 06, 06:39:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Devilbluedress said...

Bad Blogger strikes again! One of my hobbies is to beat on blogger!

Tue Feb 06, 07:43:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Vixen said...

Ewww...I could bitch about Blogger for like DAYS!

My SO recently moved my blog onto my own domain using WordPress. There are a few gliches. BUT I can *ALWAYS* access my site. Which was my MAIN issue w/ Blogger.

From all the research I've done, this was the way to go. Happy site hunting. LOL

Wed Feb 07, 05:47:00 am GMT  
Blogger Kyma said...

I'm on Wordpress (hosted by them) now, I used to be on ye olde Blogger. Only real downsides are that they restrict you in certain respects if you let them host your blog, in that how much you can upload to them in files, 50Mb, and you can't run custom themes. Those things cost you extra from Wordpress. That being said, it's pretty nice to use on their service.

If you go with Wordpress on your own host, then you don't have those restrictions but of course you are paying for hosting.

Sat Feb 10, 01:09:00 pm GMT  

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