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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Advertising On Blogs

While I would not like to see SBC turn into a blog consisting only of polls, Mr Gently does raise a very valid point about advertising on blogs. The way I see it there are five types of blogs.

  1. The blog with no revenue generating aspirations. No ads, no commercial agenda.

  2. The free-hosted blog whose author has decided that they can earn a little extra money on the side with a few adverts.

  3. The hosted blog whose author uses revenue to pay for hosting.

  4. Blogs intended to be a source of real income for the author.

  5. Blogs designed to publicise an author’s off-line works.
There are variations on this and each blog evolves over time, but I think that about sums it up. With the exception of scraper blogs (see here and here), which fall into category iv), all of the above can be what I would regard as acceptable reading material.

The problem occurs when a blog author overloads the reader with ads, and/or places them intrusively on the page. Because of the relatively low income rate from most ad brokers it must be tempting to plaster your blog with flashing banners and annoy the crap out of your readers with pop-ups/pop-unders. You run the risk of alienating any readers you have already attracted and putting off new ones.

Personally when I find a site with too many ads I usually move on without reading, if the site has pop-up ads I almost invariably never visit again.

An example of this is Clicksor. We have stopped using that advertiser because the income, even at our respectable traffic levels, was very low. Their in-context advertising, which parsed your pages and inserted what it thought were relevant ads on keywords, was both irritating and slowed down the loading of our site. But they do provide an adult-blog-friendly source of income.

Although you can specify what type of adverts you are willing to host you’ll probably elect to accept all ads for maximum earning potential, but beware. Despite being provided by a third party your site will be associated in the minds of your readers with the ad content. Even as an adult blog this might not be what you want, after all you cannot see every page load and be aware of every ad an ad broker serves to your site.

As always it’s a question of balance and personal choice. If you work hard on your blog why shouldn’t you get a little cash in return? But beware of changing the nature of your site for what does amount to very little money.


Blogger ZigZagMan said...

Personally, it's my belief that pop-up / unders kill my mood whatever site I go to. If your going to load up on ad's, I do like the 3 column layout. Relevant links interspersed with some ad links...well marked as ad links...with the body of the blog in the middle.

Just my opinion...:)

Sun Feb 18, 07:42:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous badinfluencegirl said...

incidentally your faq link is broken and mine has left the building.

if you have pop-ups or music playing that i don't get a choice about i leave. invariably they kill the moods.

i don't love ads but i like the way madeline incorporated them into her site a lot... they fit and they don't obscure the content.

the two columns of solid ads with rarely changing content in the middle? even with good content i tend to get lost. it's just too much blinking and flashing.

Tue Feb 20, 06:08:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous MasterABD said...

I have been doing adult websites for quiet some time now and I can say I honestly know what does and what doesn't work. When it comes to blogging, there are truly only two effective methods that work, and usually they are combined together for maximum output.

First is obviously your blogroll. No offense is meant towards anyone but the number of columns a blog has is irrelevant. The trick is using clearly labeled text ads but mix them up in your blogroll. Throw an "Adult Netflix" or a "free adult personals" right in the middle of your blogroll.

Stay away from banners on blogs. People realize they are banners and have little interest in them. If you feel something more then a text add is needed then try a search box. Personal ads, adult toy stores, adult movie rentals, and most other non-porn adult revenues usually offer these promotional tools.

The second method is just as obvious, post product linking. This actually works best with adult porn revenues. Add images to posts that are relevant to what you are talking about. Also the same works with adult sex toys and sex stories (I highly recommend sex stories paysite affiliations for adult blogging).

Now there is an exception to this rule. There is a time to blast with banners and ads. It will in fact generate more income then other methods. When your website starts receiving 1/2 million uniques a day, the more ads the better. I know of very few blogs to have reached this stage though so it is relatively unimportant for most.

Fri Feb 23, 07:28:00 pm GMT  

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