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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Switching to Beta (New) Blogger

I've Finally been invited to switch to Beta.

I was hoping to do this Blog by Blog, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be possible.

If it was just my own Blog, I'd probably set a few hours aside and make the Switch, but with SBC, I want to make sure that nothing's left to chance.

For me and anyone else who hasn't made the change yet, does anyone have any advice?

Anything they did beforehand?
Anything that went wrong?
Anything they got right?
Anything they got wrong?
Anything about Templates?

I'll obviously take backups of everything I can, I assume the transition is a no brainer, but just need a little reassurance.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Merry Christmas and Good Luck

Dear Everyone

I thought I'd take the option and write a public post, to share with every other sex blogger, to more or less announce my retirement from this site. The reasons are numerous, things ranging from being approached like I was a thief from one member (and that issue not being dealt with by the moderator/admin of this 'community'), to being unlinked by other members on this site, out of the blue as it were (not due to any conflict or anything like that), and I don't see it as community like behavior. I'm no huge fan of hypocrisy, but that's what I see and it's something I have no interest in being a part of.

I like my sex straight up, and that's how I like my human behavior as well; whether we're online or not isn't the point, we're all adults. More recently I was emailed by a member of this community, and told that my new page had technical issues and 'sorry, but they were unable to read it.' Well, to them I say that so far many other visitors haven't had any problems with the setup, and if it's just another excuse, that I have no time for it. As far as I know there are many other blogs that have a black background with white text, and I haven't seen that person complain about those sites.

Frankly I haven't seen so much clique behavior in my life, and I couldn't give a shit about because I write for myself, and I submit writing to other places, and I've never depended on a sex-blogging community in order to post stuff, or to be validated in any kind of way, but that's how it can seem, where a 'adult' blogger needs to be officially verified by some group of people like that group hold the Pope by the balls, as it were.

One thing that has disappointed me in the last year and a bit, is how insular some sex bloggers can be, how cliquey they can be, and there were more days where I felt like a new kid in a kindergarten setup.

As far as I'm concerned the World Wide Web is big enough for all of us, but my final request to be removed from this community relates to things that I don't have time for, hypocrisy being one of those things, and I can't say I have received any 'community' benefits from my association. I've had a member spit the dummy at me, despite any apologies, to address me as though I am a thief of sorts only to have the moderator of this site avoid any type of mediation; rather spineless if you ask me. I've had the moderator give me excuse upon excuse, more often than not ignoring any issue I've raised away from here, only to email me to bitch about the setup of my webpage.

Have a Merry Christmas.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Switching with team blogs and getting out of beta (Blogger Buzz)

Just before the weekend we added the final piece to the transition from old Blogger to the new Blogger in beta: members of team blogs can now switch to the new Blogger. This is the last step before we take the new Blogger out of beta.

Team blogs move when the blog’s original creator moves to the new Blogger. When that happens, team blog members will also have to move to the new Blogger in order to post. Team blog members don’t have to wait, though! If you move to the new Blogger, team blogs you didn’t create will still show up on your beta Dashboard. You’ll be able to post with them as before, though they won’t have the new features of the new Blogger. We wrote a help article to explain this all in a bit more depth.

At this point, the pieces are in place:

This all means that we’ll be removing the “beta” from the new Blogger very soon! At that time, we’ll begin the process of requiring that users of old Blogger move to new Blogger.

* = From time to time we may limit switching in order to keep old and new Blogger functioning smoothly. Also, users with particularly large blogs may not switch right now. This latter restriction will be gradually lifted.

Beta Blogs becomes the Standard

Beta Blogger is going to soon become the standard Blogger. According to Blogger, almost all known problems with Beta have been resolved and they will soon start requiring all Blogs to switch over to the new version of Blogger.

This requires the use of a Google account and log in. You will log in based on your Google account (frequently an email.) It is currently unclear how individuals with multiple blogs with distinct avatars/identities will be treated.

Currently those individuals with a beta blog and a non-beta blog can no longer sign in for comments on beta blogs with there non-beta id. They are being forced to sign in with their Google or beta id.

Anyone have more information on this?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Problems with Photo Sharing

The mirror to the posting below about being a thoughtful photo user is the problem of image hosting for sex bloggers. This AM I received a note from Photobucket saying that my account had been cancelled for "violating the terms of service." No cure period, no recourse, no reply when I asked how I could fix the problem. Of course, their terms of service are so broad and general that almost any photograph of a suggestive nature, and certainly anything with nudity violates the terms.

Now, why not just hot-link to images as the other post suggests with click-through to make sure anyone who likes the photo can access it? Well, because links change. And because some photos I find are in a gray area: clearly they belong to someone, but they are from another blog who hasn't acknowledged their usage, or someplace far from where I could find the owner to ask their permission.

So the practical question is: how can I host orphan photos that won't get my account canceled?